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The Beard Attracts Women

It’s no doubt that today’s trend is, The Beard. Nowadays, there are studies for everything and beards haven’t been left out. The University of Western Australia did a study to see how 154 primate species reacted to others using “badges” and “ornaments” to stand out. As you can imagine, scientists definitely analyzed The Beard.

What scientists concluded was that when these primate species were living in larger societies (just like we live now), they tended to use anything that made them stand out. Now, from the male perspective, this means that men should increase their tendency to grow beards to make them stand out from their competition.

What really counts is what girls want. One fact is, if you ask girls whether they prefer a man with a beard or a man without, they’re more likely to say yes to the first.

Here are a quick few reasons why girls LOVE beards:


Girls tend to associate a shaved face with a kid’s face, and that is not what girls are looking for. Girls looking for a MAN.


Girls associate more facial hair with a higher masculinity. One of the main things girls look for in a guy is someone who can protect them. So, the more facial hair you have, the better.


You already know the old saying, “girls are always looking for a commitment.” Girls  associate beards with the fact that you can be a wonderful companion. Just by looking at your beard, a women will make up her mind whether or not she wants to be with you.


I’m not quite sure what it is (maybe it’s the trending hipsters) but according to most girls, men with facial hair are assumed to be healthier than men without facial hair.

Between a man who has a full beard and one who does not, who do you think girls will chase? My bet is on the one with a full beard.

So, if you’re on the fence about letting your beard grow or shaving it. Keep those razors away! GIRLS… LOVE… BEARDS… It’s an undeniable fact! All you need is beard oil to help you grow and maintain a luxurious beard that will attract the women of your wildest dreams.

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