All New Straight Razor (Black/Gold)

All New Straight Razor (Black/Gold)

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  • GET A BETTER SHAVE EVERY SINGLE TIME ~ Forget about face hairs getting in the way of multiple blade razors. Forget about having to shave every day. Invest in an Inglorious Fuzz straight edge barber razor today and find your peace of mind! Enjoy more accurate and effective shaving that will last longer. Achieve the closest shave ever.

  • MINIMIZE SKIN RASHES & BUMPS ~ If you struggle with razor burns or skin bumps after shaving, then this grooming shavette kit is the way to go. Eliminate rashes and bumps, keep your face flawless and make everyone wonder. Exfoliate your skin, remove dead cells, nurture your skin and allow the razor to cut hairs smoothly and completely.

  • DISCOVER ITS MANY GROOMING USES ~ Whether you have a long or a short beard, classic mustache, or like it all shaved, this cutthroat razor will fit the bill. Unlike multiple blade cartridges, that become blunt after a few uses, this single blade razor will never let you down. Save your hard-earned money and time with this deluxe grooming razor.

  • MAKE THE MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFT ~ If you are searching for the coolest and most masculine gift, then you should keep on reading. Inglorious Fuzz proudly presents the finest black and gold shavette kit for you. Make your man happy today or make the best gift ever. Ideal for your father, brother, grandson, partner, boyfriend or even your boss.

  • TRY THIS STRAIGHT RAZOR WITH CONFIDENCE ~ Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this shave razor is backed by our LIFETIME money back guarantee policy. Just in case you happen to have any issues with it. It comes in a sleek gift box ready to go. Being compact, reusable, lightweight, secure and foldable, it travels along with you!


Make Your Face Irresistible To Touch! With An Inglorious Fuzz Straight Edge Razor By Your Side!

Say No To …

… dull and disposable razors.

… spending a small fortune on grooming kits.

… skin rashes and razor burns.

… shaving every single day.

… poorly made shaving razors.

Join the ultimate shaving and grooming revolution with an Inglorious Fuzz straight razor. The results will truly astonish you.

Pamper Yourself, Enjoy The Closest Shaving Ever & Shape Your Beard Effortlessly!

Do not settle with anything less than perfection when it comes to your shaving and grooming treatments. Transform your bathroom into a professional barber shop and experience the smoothest and finest shaving of your life.

Shave your face, trim and shape your mustache, create clean lines, clear your neckline and tame your wild beard. Everything is possible when you are holding an inglorious straight razor! pg. 5


Cherish the real satisfaction while performing one of the most masculine tasks. Meditate, and increase concentration to achieve the perfect shave for the day.

Make all eyes stare at you. With the Inglorious Fuzz straight razor, it only takes one pass to cut off all of your facial hair. Less passes! Less skin irritation! Less time spent in front of the mirror.

6 Reasons That Make This Straight Shavette Razor A Keeper:

  • • Ensures a superior shave!
  • • Lasts a lifetime. Saves your wallet.
  • • Rust proof and corrosion resistant craftsmanship.
  • • Ergonomic and comfy grip. Secure blade insertion.
  • • Foldable, compact and portable.
  • • No razor burns, no tugging, no hair tangling.


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