All New Beard Comb (Wide Tooth)

All New Beard Comb (Wide Tooth)

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  • HEALTHY, ATTRACTIVE BEARD EVERY SINGLE DAYThe Wide Tooth Comb is a custom-made comb that will help you keep your beard and moustache in perfect condition naturally. 
  • HIGH QUALITY PEACH WOOD ~ This beard comb is made with strong, premium quality peach wood that is durable, stylish and it has no scent or fragrance that might not agree with you. 
  • PERFECT FOR LONG, VIKING BEARDS The Inglorious Fuzz beard comb is absolutely ideal for longer beards that need extra grooming and attention. 
  • TAKE IT EVERYWHERE YOU GO Being relatively compact, you can now carry this comb everywhere you go, including your travels, and always keep your beard in tip-top shape. 
  • 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE ~ Try out this beard grooming accessory and if you don’t love it, get in touch with us and take advantage of our LIFETIME guarantee.  



A True Man’s Best Friend! 

Are you in pursuit of the manliest beard that is fit for a warrior? 

Does your beard look untidy and just not powerful and intimidating enough? 

If you want your beard to speak for you, then you need to invest in this beard and moustache comb by Inglorious Fuzz. 

Grow A Full, Shiny Beard With No Hassle

A Wide Tooth Comb is an essential grooming tool for every man that wants to display his strength. 

It promotes healthy hair growth by using the oils that your beard and skin naturally produce and making your beard thicker and fuller by the day. 

Condition your beard and distribute your facial hair’s natural oils the easy way by using a comb that will never damage or harm your hair or your skin. 

In fact, the Wide Tooth Comb is guaranteed to untangle and straighten your beard, especially if it is on the longer side since it is equipped with longer teeth and wider gaps, perfect for those Viking-like beards! 

Powerful Construction For A Powerful Man

Peach wood is the ideal material for a beard comb and it is exactly the material we decided to go for with this beard comb. 

It has no scent or fragrance so you can choose your own perfume and it is also extra durable and long-lasting. 

Perfect Gift Idea For That Special Man In Your Life

Present the Wide Tooth Comb to that bearded gentleman and rest assured he will absolutely love it. Not to mention it’s stylish and small enough to carry everywhere he goes, even on his travels! 

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