Commonly Asked Questions

Is the comb inside the box?

Yes. It is inside the little box with the oil.


There is no Add to Cart button. How do I purchase a product?

Products can be purchased by clicking the Check It Out button on product pages.


How do I use beard oil?

Just put a little bit in the tips of your fingers and rub it into your beard. See our guide here.


What's the difference between the platinum and regular?

Different ingredients. The platinum will provide extra conditioner while aiding in beard growth. For more info, click here.


What if my beard is just about growing, will this help?

Yes this works on long and short beards.


I have a patchy beard will this help fill it in?

Yes. The ingredients rejuvenate the hair follicles, encouraging hair grow.


Does this work regardless of ethnicity?



Is the comb wood?

Yes. It is made of peach wood.


Where is the guide about using the Beard Oil?

The guide is here: How To Use Beard