Do you think Bearded Men make better lovers?

 It has been proven that a bearded man makes for a greater lovers, compared to someone who is clean-shaven.

A recent study published by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that men with facial hair have a higher chance of being successful in a long-term relationship, compared against those who are clean-shaven.This particular study was led by Barnaby Dixson from the University of Queensland, Brisbane. Barnaby and his team surveyed 8,520 women, the results were surprising as all of them showed a preference for men with facial hair when asked to rate men (both with and without facial hair) on attractiveness and on a spectrum of “relationship longevity”.

The key question here is, why are bearded men considered more attractive that clean-shaven men? According to the feedback from the study group, women prefer faces which are neither too feminine nor too masculine, the conception was that over masculine looking men were more interested in a fling as opposed to something long-term.

A beard acts as the middle ground between the two, this heightened attraction is something that women prefer.

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