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Beard Oil: Regular vs. Platinum

What exactly is the difference between the Regular Beard Oil and Platinum?

Aside from the Platinum’s main responsibility of hair growth, the difference is mostly just the ingredients. Other than the original two ingredients that are also found in the Regular Beard Oil, the Platinum contains three more premium ingredients specifically chosen for their all-natural hair growth abilities.

1. Jojoba Oil – Conditions dry facial hair and eliminates flaky skin.

2. Argan Oil – Repairs damaged hair follicles. Argan oil also helps moisturize the skin hidden under your beard.

These next three ingredients, incorporated with Platinum, were carefully chosen to ensure your beard will be left looking it’s manliest.

3. Vitamin E – Stimulates new hair growth. Proven to prevent of hair loss and promote hair growth by stimulating the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) leading to hair follicles.

4. Aloe Vera – This is the secret to a luxurious beard! Aloe alleviates the dreaded itchiness associated with a beard. Aloe also locks in moisture, keeping your beard and fresh all day long.

5. Chamomile Oil – Protects and rejuvenates the hair and skin. Chamomile is rich in antiseptic and antibiotic properties which relieve skin conditions like beard itch and dandruff.

That’s 5 of the purest, healthiest ingredients your beard can ask for! Some men think they can get away with that rustic, mountain man look, but let’s face it, groomed and healthy beards win. All it takes is a few drops of these 5 simple ingredients to complement your face and get your beard feeling great and growing better. Luckily for you, these 5 ingredients, while in their purest form, are combined and bottled into one package: Beard Oil by Inglorious Fuzz.


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