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6 Alternative Uses for Beard Oil

Beard oil is the absolute best thing you can use when you want a great looking beard. We recommend using beard oil on a daily basis since a strong, soft, and hydrated beard is the goal. However, you can also use beard oil for many other things. Surprised?

Here are 6 alternative uses for beard oil:

1) Use as an Aftershave

One of the main advantages when using beard oil is hydration for your skin and your beard. Inglorious Fuzz Gold and Platinum beard oils include the powerful vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that keeps your skin protected from the environmental stress and the elements by blocking free radicals. So, besides serving as a good moisturizer, just like any other aftershave, it still has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s incredibly gentle on sensitive skin.

To use beard oil as an aftershave:

  1. Drip the beard oil on the fingertips.
  2. Start with only a tiny bit, like two or three drops.
  3. Lightly rub the oil on the neck and face.
  4. Wipe excess oil with a soft towel.
  5. You can use more than two or three drops, we just recommend a tiny amount at first so you can get the feel of it. After all, beard oil is oil, very healthy oil.

2) Give More Style to Your Hair

If you don’t know what do with your hair because it is too difficult to work with, instead of using traditional hair products, try using beard oil! Just like how beard oil serves to condition your beard, it can also serve to condition your hair the same way. Many men prefer using beard oil in their hair instead of traditional hair products because beard oil is a lot easier to work with! Beard oil helps retain moisture in the hair, so your hair will be way softer and incredibly more manageable.

To use beard oil in the hair:

  1. Drip the beard oil on the fingertips.
  2. Start with only a tiny bit, like two or three drops.
  3. Run fingers thoroughly through hair.
  4. Rub into scalp.
  5. Use more than 3 drops if needed.
  6. Hair should look ever-so-slightly moist afterwards.

3) Eliminate Dandruff

Beard oil also eliminates dandruff a thousand times faster than anti-dandruff shampoos! Put a couple drops on the fingertips and rub it into your scalp and watch as the dandruff disappears! It only takes a few days before the dandruff is completely gone. Perfect for in the winter when dandruff is more common.

4) Use as Hair Sunscreen

Did you know the sun can damage your hair? And if the sun can damage your hair, it can surely damage yor facial hair! Beard oils such as the Inglorious Fuzz Gold and Platinum beard oils contain vitamin E which will prevent the sun’s free radicals from damaging your hair and facial hair. Don’t use sunscreen on your hair, duh.

5) Moisturize the Skin

Believe it or not, many Inglorious Fuzz customers report that their girlfriends and wives use the beard oil as a skin moisturizer! Beard oil is actually a concoction of ingredients used in hair and skin moisturizers. “Beard Oil” is just a term for beard moisturizer marketed towards males. Rub some beard oil on your skin, it’s an excellent skin moisturizer, try it out!

6) Helps with Scars

Have ugly scars? Are your scars ever a bit painful for no reason? The aloe Vera in the Inglorious Fuzz Platinum and Gold beard oils helps heal scars. Now, beard oil won’t eliminate the scar, but trust me, a drop of beard oil on a scar will make you feel so much better.

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